Walk the Walk

with Julie & Paul

What if your dog never pulled on the leash again?

Are you ready to transform your walk together in just one weekend – but don’t know how?

With our quick workshop and video tutorial bundle, there’s no need for daily dog wrestling again.  You’ll learn how to drastically improve your walk in just ONE weekend!

Stop Being Dragged!  It’s Time to Walk The Walk

Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Loose Lead In One Weekend

We’re sharing what we know from our experience in training thousands of dogs just like yours…..

Tell me if this sounds like you…..

  • You struggle to keep control of your dog when he’s on leash in public, he drags you around sniffing and weeing on every gatepost and lamp post in the street
  • You’re tired of being pulled in every direction, sometimes your hands and arms ache and maybe you’ve even been injured by your dog!
  • You just can’t enjoy a walk or go anywhere together anymore because your dog is just unmanageable.
  • You wish there was a way to just explain to your dog that you’d both have a much nicer time together if he’d just follow along with you.
    What if there was a way to get your dog, any dog, to walk well on the lead?

Our Walk The Walk workshop is the distilled knowledge of decades of our experience…

But it’ll only take you ONE weekend to see a change 😉

And after training thousands of dogs of all ages, breeds and backgrounds, we want to show you how you can succeed too!

“Can’t thank you enough it’s like a huge weight has been lifted.  Lots of successful walks with no issues whatsoever even people walking past saying what a lovely dog!”

Kelly P

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